What Are The Best Uses For a Loft Conversion

If you’re considering a loft conversion for your home you may have already decided on what you’re going to use it for. A loft conversion can add value to your home and add much needed space to your living arrangements. In case you’re unsure whether to go ahead with a loft conversion, and if you’re still unsure of whether you want to go ahead with your current plans, let’s look at the options.

There are various interesting ways you can use a loft conversion and below are some of the ideas we at Start 2 Finish have come up with for you to explore - before you make your final decision.

1/ Open plan kitchen/dining room on the top floor – split level

Why would you choose to turn your house upside down?

Having your living area upstairs with your bedroom downstairs, as opposed to the more traditional way of living, is a unique way of turning your home into a stylish open area that really does make you see your home in a different light. When your living room and kitchen are both upstairs you get to see some amazing views – all the time, rather than just at bedtime.

A spacious loft conversion can make all the difference to the value of your home and allow you to take in some spectacular views.

2/ Home office

Tired of working in the kitchen, fed up with trying to work in the living room with all the noise that involves? Then perhaps you’d like to use your new loft conversion as your own personal office. This is a place where you can relax, unwind and gather your thoughts as you decide what needs doing next in a quiet and peaceful environment where there are no disturbances. Great views and a perfect working environment.

3/ Home gym

Need somewhere to work out, but you’re nowhere near a gym? Then why not use the extra space and turn it into your very own gym, where you can work out in your own time before and after work, and get in shape in the comfort of your own home. No gym membership fees and no one to call time on your session.

4/ Nursery/Play area

Sometimes children just need their own space where they can let their imagination run wild. A place where they can call their very own. Yes, they have the bedroom, but they don’t have an extra play area where they can really let loose and have some serious fun. You can tailor your loft conversion with all sorts of safety measures to ensure that your children play safe and still have fun. A place where there’s no sense of urgency to clear away the toys to make room for the adults.

5/ Games Room

Do you have little room in your home to unwind? Then perhaps a games room might help. Using your loft conversion as a games room gives you ample opportunity to relax and unwind with friends and family. Perhaps you could install a pool table, darts board, football table, anything really that takes your fancy, that way you’ve always got somewhere to hide away and relax in.

6/ Media Room

Are you a big cinema fan? Then why not use your loft conversion as a media room with a sound system and large screen, so you can watch all your favourite movies in the peace and quiet of your own home. You can even provide your own popcorn! You could also install a really sophisticated music/sound system so you can listen to all your favourite sounds as loud as you like. It gives your family a break from your musical tastes, and it gives you the peace and quiet to listen in peace.

7/ Bedroom/en-suite

We’ve explored the unconventional choices for your loft conversions, this perhaps, is the more popular choice for loft conversion usage. A bedroom with en-suite bathroom is the ideal solution to creating space for guests, or extra family members. It’s a place that will always find a use, even if you just use it as a safe place to hide when you need your own space. It’s a room that will not only add value to your home, but add much needed space to an ever growing family.

8/ Bathroom

Need an extra bathroom? Perhaps you’re tired of waiting to use the shower first thing in the morning as you all race towards the bathroom door? Maybe you’d like to be able to use the bath in peace at the end of a busy working day without being pestered? Well, one way to solve the whole problem is to install a bathroom and there you have your solution. An extra bathroom can help you, your family, or extra guests who come to stay take as much time as needed in the mornings.

9/ Library

Love your books, but there’s nowhere to read them in peace? Then creating your own library may be the solution – and a dream come true for those of you who love reading. A private place to look at your book collection and a nice comfy chair to sit, read and drink coffee. A haven from the hectic chaos of the world.

10/ An extra bedroom

An extra bedroom is a simple yet obvious solution to crowded living spaces, and it’s the final yet simple idea in our list of loft conversion ideas. Depending on size, it could accommodate more than 2 people, making it possible to take in lodgers, adding value to your home at the same time.

If you want to seize the opportunity of using your loft conversion and using it for anything from a gym to a library – get in touch with Start 2 Finish Building Services Today. We have years of experience and are always interested to hear any new ideas you want to put forward, we can talk practicalities, and even take a look at your home to explore your ideas further and give you a free no obligation quote.

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