House Extension FAQ's

Many people today are happy with the area in which they live but feel they need more space and a house extension is the answer to their problem. However there are many decisions to make so Start2Finish builders have compiled a list of FAQs to help.

Will I require Planning Permission?

Each planning authority has different requirements and although websites can provide useful information we are only too happy to guide you through the process so please feel free to contact us. Our success is due to the close working relationship with architects which enables us to provide quality house extensions in Glasgow from “Start 2 Finish”.

I live in a Conservation area do I have to do anything different?

The normal planning rules do not always apply to Conservation areas especially with house extensions in Glasgow so it is important to be aware and consider these carefully (Glasgow has 23 Conservation areas). At Start 2 Finish we will be happy to assist and make enquiries from local architects and the Councils Design and Environment Group to ease the process from “Start 2 Finish”.

Why should I consider an extension?

You may be happy with living in your present area but feel you need more space or perhaps you have either land or garden space which could be better used by giving you more living space and at the same time increasing the value of your property. At Start 2 Finish we can help you maximise this potential, we aim to assess your requirements and ensure that the house extension will live up to your expectations.

How can I find out what would be the best look for my property?

Making a decision on what style you would like your home extension to take can be a difficult choice e.g. do you want the house extension to blend in with the existing building or do you want it to make a statement? Many ideas can be found in magazines or on the internet but if you are finding it difficult to make that choice then please allow us to use our vast experience of creating house extensions in Glasgow and central Scotland to help you make the choice which is best for you and your property.

How do I know the builder is reputable?

Always ask the builder for examples of his work before you start on any house extension. A house extension is a big commitment and at Start 2 Finish Building & Joinery we are only too happy to show you examples of our work or to provide written testimonials from satisfied customers.