House Extensions in Glasgow

Are you finding that you are limited in regards to the amount of contents you can have in your house? Do you want extra room without having to move into a new house? Why not invest in a house extension? A few reasons why a home extension would be more beneficial for you are as follows:

  • A home extension is a great benefit to any home owner as it allows you to utilize your space more efficiently. Whether you want to make more room for a play area for your children, a television room or a study area, the extra space in your home will enable you to do this and much more.

  • A house extension can add value to a property of approximately 25%, although this does depend on housing prices in your area.

Why move house when you can make the most of the home you already have? The costs of house extensions are much more affordable than moving homes all together. Due to the housing market being rather challenging, homeowners should most certainly be looking for ways in which they can improve their current homes and our skilled architects and project managers here at Start 2 Finish are more than willing to help. Start 2 Finish has years of expertise in the management of home extensions and have been involved in various house extensions in Glasgow projects amongst other building projects.

There are various building regulations for home extensions in Glasgow and the surrounding areas that must be considered such as:

  • Local planning guides and correct planning permission- Start 2 Finish will make sure that the project can be undertaken on your property and that the home extension brick work suits that of the original property.

  • The coverage of the house extension on the garden (No more than 50%)

  • The budget and costs of the home extension and your end objective for the project- In Glasgow, the costs of home extensions will always vary as it depends upon the amount of materials used, the amount of work involved and the overall duration of the project.

Start 2 Finish will help you choose the right team for the job, who will assist you in finalizing the best plan for your requirements. We have a large network of trained architects who fully understand the fundamentals of planning and executing projects for home extensions. The majority of our projects are derived from the recommendations of satisfied customers. This alone emphasises our focus and dedication to helping our customers get the best from our services from the start, all the way through to the finish.

So look no further than here at Start 2 Finish. We take the stress and hassle away by guiding you through all aspects of the home extension building process, making sure jobs are completed on time and within budget. It doesn’t cost a penny to get in touch with our welcoming staff and we also offer a free no obligation quote on all home extensions.