Loft Conversions Glasgow

Nowadays, home owners can find difficulty in acquiring accessibility to mortgages for new houses as the property market is recovering from a tough state in Glasgow. With this said, many home owners are in search of methods to improve their current space instead of relocating. There are many known ways in which to do this but one of the best options for home owners is a loft conversion.

Loft conversions have become increasingly popular in the Glasgow area as it allows home owners to take full advantage of space in their house.

So how could a loft conversion from Start 2 Finish benefit you?

  • Extra Space- The additional space that a loft conversion enables you to have can make room for play areas for children, a relaxation room or could even allow you to rent the room to students and professionals for extra income.

  • Affordability- Loft conversions is a much more affordable alternative to moving home. Our builders in Glasgow will advise on the best ways to convert your space and explain the costs involved in the loft conversion.

  • Increased Property Value- The value of your house can be increased by roughly 20%. So if you do decide to move house in the future, a loft conversion will assist in bringing great returns on your investment.

  • Energy Efficiency- Typically, attics are already insulated and in cooler climates heat will rise from the bottom of the house to the top. After a loft conversion is completed, anybody occupying the loft will benefit from the heat generated from other parts of the house meaning you would not have to install a separate heater.

Loft conversions in Glasgow involve certain regulations that must be considered and we at Start 2 Finish Builders are more than happy to advise you. Planning permission for a loft conversion is NOT required in Glasgow if the following criteria are met:

  • The roof is NOT part of a flat or apartment

  • The property is NOT situated in a conservation location

  • The conversion height does NOT alter the height of the existing roof

  • Dormers do NOT surpass 50% of the width of the existing roof

  • Building materials match original house

  • No roof alterations are made to any section of the property facing the road

So why choose Start 2 Finish?

Our skilled, friendly architects and Glasgow builders will help make these endless possibilities available to you and guide you every step of the way. We have a great amount of experience with overseeing loft conversions in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, we are also delighted to state that our customers’ needs are always fulfilled as a result of this.

Here at Start 2 Finish Builders, we have a great eye for detail in regards to ensuring that every operation is financially effective and that all your needs are met.

Contact us now and get a free no obligation quote on all loft conversions. Our expertise will allow us to help find the right solution that works for you.

So choose us at Start 2 Finish Builders and we will dedicate ourselves to create a loft conversion that will make your current home feel like your brand new home!