Keeping Loft Conversions Cool

In high temperatures or direct sunlight loft conversions in West Lothian can get warm very quickly. Warm air also rises from the rest of your home, and these two factors can make your converted space uncomfortable to live in.

So how do you keep your loft conversion cool? We’ve put together a few handy tips.

Insulate Your Loft Conversions in West Lothian

When dealing with excess heat, insulation may seem like the worst tool for the job. But insulation is about maintaining a regular temperature. It is often used to keep heat in during the winter and to ensure that your central heating efforts don’t go to waste, but the principle of trapped temperatures works just the same in reverse.

Good insulation will help to keep your loft conversion cool, by preventing heat from building up inside. This can help to remove the need for air conditioning, allowing you to save money on your energy bills.

Ensure You Have Good Ventilation

Having decent ventilation in your loft conversions in West Lothian not only helps to keep them at a pleasant temperature, it also stops too much moisture from building up inside. How well a loft conversion is ventilated will depend upon the design choices you make, such as what windows you have fitted. Ideally you should choose ones that have ventilation flaps, or can be opened part way to allow some cool air to get in.

Ventilation also helps to give a way for that rising heat we mentioned earlier to escape.

Fit Reflective or Blackout Blinds

Your loft conversion is naturally going to get warm if it is in the path of direct sunlight. Fitting reflective or blackout blinds in your windows will give you a way of blocking out the sun so that your room doesn’t get as hot.

Fit Solar Powered Air Conditioning

The invention of solar powered air conditioning systems has given you a way of keeping cool in your home without having a significant impact upon the planet. Air conditioning is not usually environmentally friendly, but when it is powered entirely by sunlight it hardly has an impact at all. Solar power is a great way to use the sun against itself – after all, sunlight is going to be the biggest reason why your space gets too hot in the first place!

Want to know more about keeping loft conversions in West Lothian cool? Get in touch with us today.