Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

If your home is looking a little tired and a little cramped, perhaps you could improve the situation by creating a new extension. You can convert your garage, loft or create a house extension at the back, front or side of your house.

By adding an extra room or extending the property you can add value to your home as well as living space. It will cost time and a certain amount of money, but in the end it’ll have been worth it. With quality builders in Glasgow, such as ourselves at Start 2 Finish Building Services, you’ll have a home that will impress future potential buyers.

House Extensions

There are different types of house extensions on the market, and it is up to you and the advice of a good builder to decide which one is best for your home. It could make a tremendous difference to the ambience of your home and with good use of interiors you will have added real value to your property.

Loft Conversions

If you’re in desperate need of a new bedroom or bathroom, then use the existing loft space you have and convert it. It’ll be far better than leaving to buy a bigger property and work out much cheaper. At the same time, you will have added value and saved on money.


A new conservatory is an ideal way of improving your dining facility and creating a really classy part of the house with which to entertain your guests. If you style it well and make sure it fits in with the rest of your home, rather than looking like it’s been added on, you’ll have a beautiful spacious area to relax and a real attraction for interested buyers.

Garage Conversion

If you never use your existing garage, then why not turn it into a new room, a media room perhaps, or a dining area, bedroom with en suite bathroom or a family room. What you decide it’s an attractive addition to your home as well as adding value.

Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal for your home. You need to make sure it looks as good outside as it does on the inside. Make sure you maintain the condition of your exterior door and that the front garden is well maintained with any hedges, gates or wooden fencing kept in tip top condition.

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