Types of Garage Conversion

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What are you going to convert your garage into?

That of course is entirely up to you. You can turn your garage into anything you want, from a gym to a space to unwind and relax after a busy day.

There are different types of garage conversions and we’re going to take a look at them here from full to partial.

Full Garage Conversion

A full garage conversion is going all the way, they’re really not that expensive to do and cause very little in the way of disruption. One of the advantages of this type of conversion is that there is no planning permission required and no architectural fees to consider. In terms of time, you’re looking at around 10 days.

Partial Garage Conversion

If you’re going to do a part conversion then you can still use your garage and provide yourself with extra storage space, or an extra bit of room that you can turn into a small bathroom or a play room, or anything you have in mind. As with a full conversion you won’t need planning permission and again, there’ll be no architectural fees. A period of just over week is usually the time period we’re looking at for part conversions.

Double Conversion

This is a garage conversion that involves more work, but there’s much greater scope on what you can do with it. If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss with us regarding a double conversion, let us know and we’ll see what we can do and whether it’s feasible.

If you’re not going to change the structural part of the house then it shouldn’t be necessary to get permission, however, there are certain building regulations to adhere to if you’re converting it into a room, these regulations usually apply to things such as ventilation, fire safety, an escape route, and structural soundness.

A Detached Single Garage Conversion

This is a variation on the single integral garage conversion. Insulation would need serious consideration and although they don’t normally require consent, there are certain regulations they must abide by. This would include things such as the floor area, boundaries – they mustn’t exceed the heights and widths given. If this is going to happen with the type of conversion you’ve chosen, then you may well need approval before starting. We can discuss this and go through it with you.

Detached Double Garage Conversions

If you’re considering converting your garage into an annex or you’re hoping to let it out as a separate living space then this will fall into the region of planning applications – you may need to discuss this further with a qualified architect.

However, you can discuss with us whatever your ideas and we can talk about a way forward.

We provide a professional service managed by knowledgeable experts with the skills and know how to make your garage conversion a reality.

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