What are the advantages of building a house extension?

By building a house extension in West Lothian, you’re creating more room, more living space and saving you and your family the expense of buying a new home and having to move. Therefore, a house extension, despite the initial expense, can cost you less in the long run.

Why might you need a house extension?

There are multitude of reasons why you may need to build a house extension, perhaps there have been some additions to your family and you need 1 or 2 more bedrooms. Perhaps someone in your family is disabled and you need to create more space and a more suitable living area.

Perhaps you want to build a playroom or add some more living space downstairs. If you have enough room, or the land, perhaps you could extend your home much more than you realise.

What factors do you have to consider when having a house extension?

Naturally there’s a lot to think about when you’re considering a house extension. If you’re going to extend on to your land, you’ll need an architect to draw up plans, and then they’ll need submitting to the local council for planning permission, and they’ll have to be approved via the building regulations.

Walls, extending, costs and unexpected discoveries

Knocking down walls may add to the cost, as you’d have to hire quantity surveyors and structural engineers in order to calculate beam support and costs. You may also have to consider the possibility of making changes halfway through if there are unexpected discoveries while extending and/or knocking down walls in your home.

Keep in mind that despite these potential extra costs, your home will increase in value and it will still work out cheaper than buying and moving to a new home.

Improve your lifestyle and your home

Once you’ve extended your home, for whatever reasons you may have, your lifestyle is going to improve exponentially because your home will have been modernised to your specifications, making your life easier, and your home a much more inviting space in which to live.

Other advantages to a house extension….

Keep in mind that, depending on the type of house extension you’re having, you may not require planning permission, and those that don’t, won’t get an increase in council tax.

Start 2 Finish - House Extensions West Lothian

If you’re still considering whether to go ahead with a house extension, we’re always here to talk things through, and if you do decide to go ahead, we are the premier builders to choose for a house extension in West Lothian.

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