Choosing the Right Builder

You are going to have a long relationship with your builder. They will come into your home and make changes which could involve major disruption to your life. While getting bad customer service in a shop only inconveniences you for a matter of minutes, a negative relationship with your builders in West Lothian could potentially cause you days, weeks, or even months of hassle and disruption.

The best way to avoid anything going wrong is to ensure you have chosen the right West Lothian builders in the first place. Here’s what you need to remember.

Find Out Who Friends and Family Recommend

Many businesses rely on word of mouth to bring in new customers. These businesses make sure they do a good job, because they want people to talk about them. If your friends or family members have recently used builders in West Lothian, ask if they would recommend them. Choosing someone who comes well reviewed by someone you trust makes the whole process much more straightforward.

Ask For References and Proof of Qualifications

When it comes to finding legitimate builders West Lothian tradesmen should be happy to show off previous work. A builder who is reluctant to show you other projects they have worked on could be hiding something. Don’t agree to anything before you have seen proof that they can actually do the job. Make sure you check that they are qualified, certified, and insured, too. Ask for proof, not just their word on the matter.

Get Quotes and Agree a Pay Structure

Ask several West Lothian builders to quote you for the work. This helps you identify cut-price tradesmen who won’t do a good job, and unscrupulous business owners who are trying to con you out of money by overcharging. Don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest – others might charge more because they have specialist staff to pay, and are intending to work to a much higher standard.

Once you have selected the right quote, make sure you both understand how and when work needs to be paid for. Agree a structure and a price. Does your builder want paying weekly, at key milestones in the project, or once all the work is complete? Find out before work starts in order to avoid nasty surprises.

Put it All in Writing

When it comes to complex projects and large amounts of money, getting a signed agreement in place is vital to protect you in the event of disputes. It will be almost impossible to prove what was or wasn’t promised, so you need a document which you can both refer to that will provide all the answers. The more detailed you make the outline, the easier you can solve disagreements, and the more evidence you have to back up your claims, should you need to take things further.

Make Sure You Like Them

It sounds silly, but it is important that you can get on with your builder. You could be seeing them often, maybe even daily, for a long period of time. West Lothian builders don’t have to become your best friend, but if someone is going to be in your home, it makes the whole process easier if you feel comfortable being around them. Being polite and friendly costs nothing, so it’s not too much to expect.

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