Garage Conversion Ideas

You’ll be spoilt for choice with what you can do with a Garage Conversion in West Lothian. If your house is chock a block with family and friends, then perhaps it’s about time you created a little more room. Rather than sell up and find another house which can be quite costly, why not make life easier, and convert the space you have in your existing garage?

Bedroom (with or without en suite)

An extra bathroom is a fantastic use of a garage conversion and a great way of providing extra living space for a family member. You can have it en suite or you can have it as a bedroom alone. You could also rent the room out and take in an extra lodger. This in itself with help you to bring in an extra income. It will also help provide privacy for a family member, perhaps a teenager or adult who may need a place of their own.


If you spend the majority of your time fighting to get into the bathroom in the morning then perhaps you could use a garage conversion as a bathroom. You can spend as much time as you like in there when you’re all not fighting to get in all at once. Think about it - no more morning rush.

Living room/Lounge

Another area to sit and relax. This can be a place where you watch TV, quietly read a book and have a little time out. It’s the perfect escape.

Dining Area

Are you tired of trying to squeeze your guests into a tiny area when you have them round for dinner? You could use a garage conversion to change all that and turn it into a spacious dining area where you can sit and relax over dinner. Entertaining won’t be that stressed filled evening it once was and you can decorate and furnish your new dining area to your own personal tastes, and perhaps try out some new ideas.

Children's Playroom

A playroom will give your kids the space they need to play and explore without getting under anyone’s feet. This is a perfect idea if you simply don’t have enough space for your children to play indoors. A simple garage conversion can make all the difference to playtime, giving your family back some peace and harmony.

Utility Room

Perhaps the kitchen simply doesn’t accommodate enough room to fit in a washing machine, or freezer, making it almost impossible to move around and carry out simple housework. A Utility room could change all that, by giving you extra space in your kitchen and putting your old garage to good use.

Home Office

Perhaps you need a place to work or your children need a study area. A garage conversion that converts into an office is a great idea and gives you and your family extra space to study and work without having to put up with noise from other parts of the house.

Home Gym

If you want to exercise and you don’t live near a gym, then why not convert your garage into a home gym? That way you can take regular exercise as and when you please with no membership fees to worry about.

Small Home Cinema/Games Room

A great way to watch the latest film releases with your family or friends. You can use a garage conversion as a games room or partition the room and use it as both a small cinema and a games room. That way your family gets the best of both worlds.

Garage Conversions West Lothian

We hope we’ve provided you with some great garage conversion ideas and perhaps come up with some of your own. If there’s an idea you’d like to explore, which we haven’t covered here, then why not give us a call, and we can talk it through. At Start 2 Finish we have many years’ experience in the building trade and we are a team of professional builders who are both qualified and highly skilled. Get in touch and let’s talk about your garage conversion