Things You Need to Know if Your Planning a House Extension

If you're planning a house extension, there are probably a few things you should know before you start. If you make sure you're fully prepared, then there should be no nasty surprises. After all, a new house extension should be a happy and positive experience, not fraught with difficulties.

Let's take a few moments to go through some of the potential difficulties and some of the little things you may not be aware of, forearmed is forewarned so let's make sure you know all you need to know about house extensions.

House Extension Ceilings

You may be under the impression that, seen as a legal minimum ceiling height is no longer part of the Building Regulations, you can forget about it. However, there is still a minimum height of sorts. All the rooms should have a practical height of 2.1m at least, from floor to ceiling. If you have a room with a sloping ceiling then half the room should have a 2.1m floor to ceiling height.

It's a good idea to really think carefully about how many rooms and what they're going to be used for. If you have one extra room that winds up as a through room then it could be a wasted room. If you already have one that will form part of the new extension then don't think about using it as a through room, if possible. The reason for this is that it could end up being used as a dumping ground, and that is really going to spoil the whole look and feel of your new extension. You need to think about every little bit of space you have in the room and make sure the best is made out every inch.

House Extensions & Conservatories

Are you thinking of having a conservatory as part of a house extension, or do you have one that you'd like to integrate as part of the new extension. This is problematic, as the Building Regulations say that a conservatory must be separate from the existing house by exterior doors. It can seem really separate from the rest of the home though, like an alien add on that isn't really part of the house, and in some cases is rarely used. However, you could try removing the exterior wall that separates the conservatory from the house. It is then more like an actual extension. You could also add plastered wall and an insulated roof so the conservatory is used to extend a room.

Liaise With Your Building Control Department

Keep in mind you will have to let your Building Control Department know the calculations, which will show the amount of glazing you're using for the roof and doors of the extended conservatory, including the glazing of doors, windows and roof lights of the original part of the house. Also that they don't go over 25% of the floor area in the conservatory, and of course all of the floors in the house added together. You'll also find that any new doors and windows in your extended conservatory must meet the current U values which are required by the Building Regulations.

Removing Trees For a House Extension

Some trees have preservation orders known as Tree Preservation Orders or TPOs, so you need to check before removing them to build your extension.

Shower Rooms

You can add a shower room anywhere as long as it complies with certain measurements.

Room Sizes

You need to consider the size of any rooms you are thinking of adding to your extension. There are recommended room sizes, but they usually apply mostly to social housing, but do consider who has to occupy these rooms and think about whether they'll be big enough. Also, all rooms must have external windows unless its a kitchen, bathroom, study or dining room. Contact the planning department about the recommended sizes for each room.

House Extensions in Glasgow and Throughout Central Scotland

If you have any further questions regarding house extensions in Glasgow or throughout central Scotland, then you can get in touch with us here at Start 2 Finish Building Services and one of our team will be glad to talk to you. Don't forget to get in touch with your local planning department so you can bone up on all you need to know to make sure your house extension goes to plan. Good luck!