Traditional Kitchen Fitting Design Guide

If you’re not into minimal modern and monotone when it comes to kitchens, then perhaps you’re hoping for something more traditional. A traditional kitchen is not necessarily something with a country theme, but more about a kitchen fitting that embodies warmth, with muted soft colours such as taupe’s, greys, greens, creams and whites. It’s about bringing something of the outside in, with flowers, fruit and birds and butterflies.

Eclectic Mixes of Fabrics, Textures and Colours

For a traditional design, a mixture of colours and fabrics is good with pots and pans in different colours and shapes. It doesn't have to match, and for a really gorgeous traditional kitchen feel, mixed colours and textures are a must.

What we’re talking about here is a mix of styles and details so there’s room for ornamentation and less sleek clean lines you’d get in a more modern kitchen.

Go For Several Period Pieces That are Compatible

If you like the idea of this type of kitchen, then get rid of any modern or contemporary pieces you have in your kitchen and replace with a few period pieces, and create kitchen designs around it that match. You could also add some compatible pieces from other periods to make it interesting.

Flooring Can Be Irregular and Interesting

The floor deserves something a little different if it’s going to fit in with a more traditional kitchen. We’re talking original materials not linoleum copies, look for tiling or wooden floorboards. Stone is also a great material dark or light, or slate perhaps, using different sizes and creating an irregular and eclectic pattern.

Warm Corners and Interesting Lighting

Create warm corners, perhaps near a window to sit and use old pieces such as church pews and older kitchen tables to sit around as a family. Colours should be a mix of warm shades, stay away from garish patterns and geometric shapes and lines. Use different knobs for doors and cupboards with different shapes and colours. Choose interesting light fittings, mix paints and wood stains and although they should combine well, they don’t have to match.

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