A Guide to Building Your Own Home

The housing market is a confusing place right now and it makes sense somehow to build your own house. We've come up with our own guide to building your own home if this is what you've decided on, and we're hoping you'll find it as helpful as we found it enjoyable to write.


If you are set on building your own house, then you'll need to find a building plot first, you'll find there are plenty of resources both online and off at your disposal, so you're not on your own. Plot search is one such resource and it can help you find somewhere in your local area.


Naturally, before you start you'll need to consider how much you can afford to spend on your house build. You find that as you get carried away with thinking about how you want your house to look, that you forget that you don't have the budget for it. Make sure you work this out first before you start.

How big will your house be, and how much can you realistically afford to spend? Think about architect fees, builders and VAT. You must try and stick to your budget once you've decided on how much you can afford to spend. That way, you won't have any nasty surprises.

How will it take for your house to be built?

It takes time to build a house. It can take quite a considerable time just to get planning permission, and that’s before you start building. Make sure you create a a sensible time-frame from which to expect your house to be built. And try to plan your house build so that it doesn't happen during school holidays or trips away, as this will delay your deadline.

Planning permission

You'll need planning permission before you start. You need a good idea from your local planning office of what's viable and what isn't in terms of style, size and materials. The more you know ahead, the more chance there'll be of you getting the planning permission you need when you submit your application to the local council.

Designing the House

In terms of architects and design you can choose a package supplier who'll not only build it but design it as well, or an architect who can act on any designs you or another designer have come up with. The architect can obviously design the house themselves based on the ideas you've given them. You need to choose someone who will understand what it is you want, and be able to respond intelligently to your ideas, tell you what's feasible and what isn't, and be able to tell you whether what you've decided on will fall in or out of budget.

Prepare the Plot for Building

You'll need to prepare the way for your house build, and this can start with clearing the ground from vegetation and levelling out the plot so there are no uneven areas. This isn't always necessary, but it's a good idea to check first. If you decide to go with a package supplier, they may do all this for you.

Building Your Home

This is probably the best part, it's when you actually start to see your new home take shape. There are different systems to work with when building a house from scratch, but it really depends on what you, your architect, or package suppliers decide is best for the design of your house. You can choose from between brick and block, structural insulated panels or insulating concrete form-work, and there are many others, your builders will known which method is best for you.

Start 2 Finish Builders Glasgow

Once it's finished of course, you'll both be happy it's completed and all ready to move in. If you are in need of further advice or you're looking for reputable builders in Glasgow for your home build, then look no further than Start 2 Finish. We're here to help and ready to hire, get in touch today.