Your Dormer Loft Conversion Guide

We’re going to be looking at whether a dormer loft conversion is right for you and whether your house is suitable for one. A dormer conversion will project vertically on the sloping roof of a house, and it can offer a lot of extra space which you may not get with a smaller conversion. It is also a great way of getting better light as it will come with dormer windows. It’s a great idea for bathrooms or bedrooms.

Dormer Loft Conversion: Different From Traditional Loft Conversions

It differs from traditional loft conversion because it has vertical walls with a horizontal ceiling. They can be built on to any type of house, and that includes semi-detached, terraced or detached end of terrace. You can also fit a staircase directly above the already existing staircase, this means the job is far less complicated than you’d think.

No Need For Planning Permission

A dormer loft conversion doesn’t need planning permission but it will have to adhere to specifications which you can find out all about by contacting your local planning office. A good building firm should also be able to advise on this for you too, you could contact anyone of us here at Start 2 Finish and we can guide you on the specifications for a dormer loft conversion.

Other Advantages to a Dormer Loft Conversion

A dormer loft conversion will give you the following:

  • Better ventilation

  • More floor space

  • More light

  • More headroom

Dormer Loft Conversion Cost

There will be more cost involved for a Dormer loft conversion, but if you really want one you may find it’s worth the extra cost because of all the advantages it offers.

Loft Conversion Building Regulations

Although you don’t need planning permission, you will need to adhere to the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations are there to ensure that the structure is safe and that you’ve paid attention to sound insulation, stability, safety and that there are suitable emergency exits.

What would you like to use your Dormer Loft Conversion for?

There are so many different ways you can take advantage of a dormer loft conversion, and here are a few ideas: -

  • A larger bathroom

  • A playroom

  • Self-contained flat

  • Games/media room

As you can see, there is so much you can create with a Dormer loft conversion, so it definitely offers so much versatility and choice.

Start 2 Finish Building Services – Dormer Loft Conversions

If you’re considering a dormer loft conversion, whatever you’re thinking of using it for, consider Start 2 Finish Building Services. We have the experience and our team are a group of experienced, reputable and fully trained, qualified builders. We can help you create the perfect space, for whatever reason and for whatever you’re going to use it for, so get in touch today and let’s create something spectacular.