Garage Conversion – The Basics

Garage conversion is nothing new, and it’s a popular option for those who don’t want to buy another property and move their family out of the area. After all, not only is this a more expensive option, it’s also very disruptive. A garage conversion then is always a better idea, and you can turn your garage into almost anything you want it to be.

We’re going to be covering the basics of garage conversion so you’ll get a head start.

Clearing Out Before a Garage Conversion

Firstly, think about what is in your garage, anything large such as a chest freezer or any other white goods will need to be removed, so you need to think about where else these things are going to go. If, like most people, you only use your garage for junk rather than the actual car, then the entire garage will need clearing first.

Garage Conversion Planning Permission

Most garage conversions are considered permitted developments, but there are some exceptions. These would normally be if you’re living in a conservation area, or if you live somewhere where there are strict guidelines.

You can always discuss this with your builder or architect and they can check whether what you’re asking for is complex enough to require planning permission from your local authority. You can also get in touch with your local planning department in your local authority who can also help.

The Finer Details of Your Garage Conversion

There will be other details you need to consider too such as access, consider the ideal position for your doors, natural daylight, by making sure you have adequate windows, decoration, such as making sure they match the rest of the house, and this will mean sourcing similar fittings, doors, windows, flooring, light fittings and skirting.

Proportion is another consideration, if you want to give an illusion of space to a fairly small garage, think of using colours which help to make it look bigger, keep the area uncluttered such as windows and use mirrors to reflect light, this will give the illusion of more space. Consider storage too and this will help you cut back on clutter.

Start 2 Finish Building Services – Garage Conversion Specialists

If you’re looking for a garage conversion that’s built to last and gives you years of pleasure while helping to give your home extra space, then get in touch with us here at Start 2 Finish, we’re always happy to help.