Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

We’re looking at how you can make the most out of a smallish kitchen. You may have larger rooms throughout your home, but your kitchen may be the one place where you have less room to manoeuvre. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a problem as we discover in our post this week on making the most of a smaller kitchen.

Can our kitchen fitters here at Start 2 Finish help you create the illusion of space?

If you want to create the illusion of more space, then using lighter colours to decorate the walls is a good idea. Choosing a fitted kitchen with a light finish will also help increase the sense of space.

No more clutter

Getting rid of any clutter from your work surface will help too. You can also choose kitchen fittings that come with loads of storage space, freeing up much needed workspace and helping to make the kitchen look a little more spacious.

Dedicated utility area

You can also help create more space by removing white goods such as tumbler dryer and washing machine and putting them somewhere else, if you’re not lucky enough to own a dedicated utility room, then why not place them in a spare room or in the airing cupboard, if there’s room enough.

More storage can help keep things out of the way

You can also replace your kitchen with one that has more cupboard space, with units that open, carousels, little cupboards that open out and close without taking up too much space. You can also use a centre piece where the pots and pans can be hung from the ceiling.

Be centred if it works for you

A centre unit is also good because you can also use it as storage and as an area where the family eat together. A ceramic hob on the work surface may eliminate the need for a stove and an oven can be built into the kitchen fitting.

Light – Space can have a fundamental difference on a room, and if you’re fighting to create more space then light can be your ally. Maximise natural light so have some blinds if possible rather than curtains, this is because the minimal window coverage will make the most of the light coming in. Artificial lighting over the kitchen are can also be strategically placed so it’s where it is most needed, e.g. workspaces, food prep areas. You could also have ambient lighting placed around dining areas so it’s less harsh and more relaxing.

How about a statement piece?

So, the colours, lighting and work surfaces will all help to give your kitchen an impression of size. However, just because you’re minimalizing the kitchen area doesn’t mean it can’t have a little pizzazz, you can still have one statement piece that sets it off. It could be anything from a new gadget that simplifies cooking and food prep, impressive lighting, or wall tiles.

Talk to  the Kitchen Fitting Experts

If you need any further advice and guidance on what we’ve discussed today, please get in touch with us here at Start 2 Finish, we’re trained and very experienced kitchen fitters and we’re always happy to help.