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What Type of House Extensions We Offer

Single Storey House Extensions

If you’re looking to extend the house by one storey there are some rules to abide by, and as you probably know, you’ll need planning permission from the local council. It can be quite stressful, but we hope that we can help you overcome that by going over the details with you and seeing how your plans for your single storey house extension fit in with planning permissions.

What is your single storey house extension for?

single storey house extension can be used for anything such as an extra bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, family room, porch or conservatory. There’s so much potential to not only improve the living space, but to increase the value of your property too, so it’s well worth the investment. At Start2Finish we have an experienced team of professionals that can help you decide on how to create your storey without losing out on daylight, preserve insulation, while ensuring you have a strong structure from which to create your extra space.

Two Storey House Extensions

double or two storey house extension is another way to not only increase space but increase the value of your home. It can also help with the cost of the foundations and the roof which will bring down the cost considerably. It can often be more space efficient too, rather than a single storey house extension. We can help assess the potential of your property and tell whether what you’ve got planned can work. The rear of the property is usually the best place to put a two storey house extension, sometimes it can go to the side of the house, and again we can assess your home and help you decide what’s best.

Wrap Around House Extensions

wrap around house extension will combine both rear and side house extensions and works by pushing a rear wall of your house back into the outdoor area and pushing the side of your kitchen back to the border with your neighbours.

You will need planning permission for this, but we can discuss that with you and whether this type of house extension is good for your property.

Over Structure House Extension

An over structure house extension involves extending over an existing structure such as a kitchen, garage, or dining room.

It can be quite complex to undertake but with Start2Finish you’ll be in safe hands, as we are a team of professional builders with years in the trade and plenty of training and qualifications under our belt.

Talk to us about your plans and if this is one house extension you’d like to explore further, then we can advise on what planning permission you might need and whether your home is suitable for this type of extension.

Timber Frame Extension 

There are many advantages to this type of house extension because it can give great insulation, it’s airtight, and it’s built to last. Again you’ll need planning permission, but that’s what our team of experts at Start2Finish are here for, to make that part easier, and we can talk you through the advantages of a timber frame house extension at your convenience. It can be built quickly and is usually much better insulated than other materials. It’s not intended to cover a massive space, but it’s perfect for smaller houses and cottages.

Rapid Masonry House Extension

This is a popular type of house extension with home owners giving a speedy construction, hence the “rapid.” It’s popular because it’s as fast to erect as timber frame house extensions and offers the same insulation and airtightness as timber. Thinner more lightweight materials are used and allows for single storeys to be built in as short a time as a single day. Because the materials set fast, there’s no need to wait until it’s dried before continuing with any other work that needs to be completed. If you think these sounds like something you’d like to explore, and you’d like to discuss it further, get in touch with us here at Start2Finish in West Lothian & North Lanarkshire and we can arrange a visit to discuss what’s right for your property.

Start2Finish can create innovative extra space by extending your home with a variety of extension types on offer. There’s bound to be something suits your home, so get in touch and make that house extension a reality.